Fiedler’s View Vineyard

Fiedler’s View Vineyard

On the banks of Bethany Creek, the Fiedler’s View vineyard is situated just steps away from where German settlers, the Fiedler Family, first planted their vines back in 1843. The gentle incline of this south facing block allows conditions for ripening excellent Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Sustainable winegrowing

Drip Irrigation: All sites are drip irrigated which provides us with the most control over water management. Each vine has its own dripper, targeting the base of the vine to ensure minimal wastage. We have soil moisture probes in our vineyards measuring moisture content so we are only watering when the vines need it.

Conscious Spraying: Our growing period sees minimal interference with foliage control. We only apply minimal fungicide sprays (less than 10 applications per season) and keep our pesticide use to an absolute minimum.

Soil Testing: We conduct regular soil tests to uncover exactly what our sites are in need of and distribute those specifics accordingly, ensuring no wastage and unlocking full block potential. We are doing this not only in younger vineyards but in the rejuvenation of old vineyards that are 50, 100, and 150 years of age.

Cover Crops: During our dormant period, all our vines are hand pruned. The cane prunings are mulched back into every other mid-row, while the opposite mid-rows are cultivated with clover, barley, vetch and the like. This adds structure, prevents erosion, delivers nitrogen and attracts beneficial insects.

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